De Cuba (Mes H) 

"At the end of the 80's the sharp critical edge of the visual arts exceeded the limits the regime was willing to tolerate. Liberal officials were fired and censorship increased. It is no coincidence that these events ocurred at the same time as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of Soviet subsides to Cuba, and the tightening of the economic embargo imposed by the United States. At the first hesitant steps toward a market economy, Cuba crumbled -everything broke down except for control of the political apparatus. The artists of the '80s generation, who had received many invitations to work abroad and were already spending time in other countries, emigrated en masse at the very beginning of the 1990s".

MOSQUERA, G.: "New Cuban art Y2K" en BLOCK, H. (ed.): Art Cuba. The New Generation. Nova York: Harry N. Abrahams, 2001, p. 13.



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